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Hi, i bought xenforo license last week and i have being working with the functions and styling. I have tried doing this stuff below but seems i need help! i will be grateful if just one question is answered.

Question 1: Hi, i'm having problem styling the large header width to match the content container; so that the whole page background can have a single color.

Example. Reducing the width of the top blue color on xenforo forums header(that contain logo, nav tabs and links e.t.c ) so that the whole forum can have a single GREY background..
and possibly space the header container from the content container like this site

Question 2: I want to change the node list background to white. I changed the content container to white but the node list background did not change

Question 3: I tried to sign up/login using a Symbian phone UC web browser but the page did not load(maybe javascript?) also the design looks awkward. How can i make it mobile friendly? please direct me.

Question 4: How can i create a board like the one on DP homepage with that cartoon talking about advertising.

Please i need you help. Thanks and i'm so happy i bought Xenforo, it was what i was dreaming about. It's cool.

Steve F

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1. Style Properties -> Header.background: "Clear Value"

2. Style Properties -> Building Blocks -> Primary Content
Changing this value will change other areas of the site as well, trial and error is your best bet.

3. No idea, maybe someone else can chime in..

4. Thats in a notice: AdminCP -> Home Tab -> List Notices -> Create new notice.