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Not a bug Notice disappears in IE9


I have created a notice that should be displayed on the forum tab. It shows perfectly on the forum page, but when going in to a thread the notice disappears, and only shows the border where the notice should be.

Is this a bug?



XenForo moderator
Staff member
What page criteria have you set; the forum tab or forum_list template?

Does the notice appear in other browsers?
I have set user groups: unregistered/guests, and selected navigation tab is: forums. I have my forums in the root of my site, so to get to the forum you just have to write www.test.com.
Here the notice shows: www.biirds.com . And here it doesn't show: http://www.biirds.com/threads/backpacking-ryggsäckar.33/#post-75

I would rather let it show only on the start page and not in a forum thread. I use IE9, it seems to work on Chrome and Firefox.

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The notice displays in both views in Chrome, FF and IE9 for me.


To make it only show on the forum home page, change the page criteria to Content Template is: forum_list.
I have noticed that the notice shows sometimes and sometimes not in IE9. Try going back and forth from the forum to the thread. Click on the thread in the forum list (it's below the forum Reseforum, first thread).

Does it still work for you?

Thanks. I will change the page critera to that later =).


XenForo moderator
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It shows on every page load without fail.

Try clearing your browser cache and/or restarting your browser.

I'll mark this as not a bug as it seems to be a local issue.