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Im trying to set up a notice for members who have not posted in awhile (about 30 days) and users who have never posted. How do I go about this? I don't see an options similar to this.


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User Criteria > User has not visited for at least X days > 30

User has posted no more than X messages > 0

NOTE: You might need to create two notices.


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I thought visited just meant that they haven't logged in for 30 days? I need it so that they haven't posted in 30 days. Thanks on the other one, it works. =]


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So is there a way it to display to members who have not posted in the last 30 days?
Not in the default built in Notices System. You can start a topic in the Feedback section about this and maybe the developers will take it into account to add it in the next upcoming version/s.

You can also request it at the Addon Request section. Maybe someone will create an add on for this.

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Another idea would be a more personal approach.
If the admin had a different view on Current visitors ... you could see someone who has been lurking alot, but not posting. The find a thread they had participated in, quote them (so they get an alert) and ask them a question ! Hopefully they respond.


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I think this has been requested somewhjere - at least to list members not posted in 30 days
something like thatr
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