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Non-Square Avatars


Well-known member
Is it possibly to modify the avatar upload facility in some way to not force an avatar to be square? I would like it to scale the image appropriately so that the width is the usual limit for thumbnails, but the height isn't forced.

For example, If I were to upload this image as an avatar:

It would be resized (very roughly, I don't know the exact dimensions) to this by XenForo:

I would prefer the aspect ratio to be kept, and for the avatar to come out something like this:

I believe the ImageMagick options I'd use would be something like this, if it makes my point easier to understand:
convert avatar.png -resize x125
I do know this is an extreme example to illustrate my point, but I am planning to buy XenForo for an artistically-minded community who would much prefer their avatars weren't cropped!

Thanks for looking!