Newbie styling


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Hi all,
I added post in resources forum, but decided to give a try and style my first forum by myself.
I'm total styling noob, but want to learn a little bit, as I will have one or more forums to style as well.
Hopefully this thread will work as some kind of tutorial for newbies.

Here's my homepage layout:

Here is my test site: (login/pass = test/test)
I changed all easy things (not a lot, logo + footer background + sidebar fonts).

1. Header:

First, and probably general question I have gradient all around header, and I'm not sure how does it work. I checked Xenforo css and it's done by line like this:
background: #65a5d1 url('styles/default/xenforo/gradients/navigation-tab.png') repeat-x top;
We have gray rectangle image and it's somehow combined with background color, where can I find how it's calculated? As I would like to get exactly the same dark blue gradient as on the picture above.
2. How can I add banner to the header?
3. How can I change text color ? I tried changing Navigation Tab text color in Style Properties to white but it doesn't work, ther are still light blue.



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For a newbie, the style looks really good! :) I can't say I'm a expert as I am a newbie myself, but good job! The colors look great.


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It's not ready yet, that's why I started this thread. To find answers which could help me code this graphic into xf style. Now my test forum looks like this ( - user/pass: test/test) so long way before it's going to look like design.