XF 1.2 New install and import from vB4.x users with posts still say New User


Hi guys,

I've just installed 1.2 on a clean DB and imported my old VB4 forum into the new XF database using the built in importer.

My problem is right now no matter what cache I rebuild all normal users still have "New User" under their name no matter what their post count and their post counts seem correct.

I'm sure it's something easy I'm missing but would appreciate being pointed in the right direction


EDIT: It seems that the Administrator group (or perhaps it was just because the original XF install had one user (admin)) has updated trophies etc but "normal" accounts have no trophies
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Hi Mike,

Sorry should have mentioned that I have logged in as a normal imported user and nothing is showing, I have the correct post count for that user but no trophies and the "new user" status is still there.


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They will also get the trophies updated via a cron task (after they've logged in). Their first login should trigger the update though (it's done that for me in testing with 1.2).