[New][Addon] Super Great Idea

Digital Doctor

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I click What's New?
Whoooaaa an Hash Tag addon .... awesome.
Click the item.
Wait... it's just a request.
How about not using the Prefix [Addon] ?... [Request] seems fair.

If you found this thread via my ad hoc use of [New][Addon] ... and were expecting different ... you are required to LIKE this thread or flame me with a reply (note: flames prove my point !).

== The I asked not to mention the forum title issue List ==


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The clue is in the title of the forum.

Resource and Add-on Requests
Agreed but we aren't playing a board game looking for hints.

A simple Request prefix wouldn't hurt would it?

Actually, scratch that, as it's designed now is good, I took a second look :)


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In which case every prefix would need to have "Request" appended to it.

Which would be overkill.

Rigel Kentaurus

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The clue is in the title of the forum.

Resource and Add-on Requests
It might not be a bad idea, I use the "What's New" (and the title of the forum is small) and more than once I have clicked on a thread just to find a request instead of a release.

Something as simple as changing the color would work, just because that way I could create a mental association and not click on those

Digital Doctor

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(1) Removing Prefixes
(2) Request is the default Prefix (only prefix?) people can add [Addon] if they want.

Essentially there is relatively little need for Prefixes there.

[Request] Tags won't be confused with a themes request !

The problem here is the prefixes are out of context when someone is searching or seeing the thread in the what's new area.

Digital Doctor

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forum title = fine print.
no one likes fine print

Q: could/should prefixes be stripped from being displayed in the what's new ? as an option ?
You can't even click them anyway.

[1] would still work.


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I see the merit in both sides of the argument.

Using Add On as the only prefix is misleading, but surely one Request prefix for all threads in that forum is going to be confusing?

But having Add On Request / Style Request / Graphics Request as new prefixes would be overkill (despite that it'll only take a few minutes of the administrators time to set it up)

The ideal situation would be to have multiple prefixes. [Add on][request] - but that's currently not possible with the Thread Prefixes system to my knowledge.

Digital Doctor

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I don't see why Addon Requests need any Prefixes at all.
Especially when the prefixes just confuse things.

I think the [Addon] Prefix is sacred.
It should bring a smile to your face when you see it.
Instead it just brings dashed hopes.


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It's not really a time issue, it's just unnecessary duplication of the word "Request".

Hence why it has been applied one level up - to the forum title.

Resource and Add-on Requests


Resource and Add-on Requests
Add-on Request
Style Request
Graphic Request
Translation Request
Other Request

You could apply the same logic to the add-on release forum, adding the word "Release" to every prefix.