Nested threaded conversations?


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Does XenForo offer nested threaded conversations? On a XenForo forum and it has button "Threaded conversations" which when clicked doesn't seem to change anything, still the flat, linear posting of messages in a topic.



-2 (reply to 1)
--3 (reply to 2)
-4 (reply to 1)
--5(reply to 4)
---6(reply to 5)


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No. XF does not support threaded mode, only linear mode.
Do you know if XF is considering pruneable, nested threads in the future? I looked at one of XF's high traffic sites and on a hot topic it quickly became confusing as side conversations developed but the linear posting made it hard to follow. Also nice if Admin can prune the side discussions and create new discussions from them, kind of harvesting the conversations for new ones and keeping the original conversations on topic. Had those features on the CompuServe forums in the Jurassic period of web and it was nice.

I'm guessing pruneable threads would something at the core of the product and not doable via add-on.

Chris D

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It is possible for a moderator to select posts and move them into a new thread. Perhaps that's a solution?


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That's a regular feature.
Did you know you could try out a demo?
I've got one but I'm a driver not a mechanic. A lot of work to setup demo forum and pretend to be users and admin to try and find stuff. I only seem notice the features, what works what doesn't, what I like, what I don't, as a user. A lot of the features I see are Add-ons and I'd never know that building a demo forum. Working backwards from a user standpoint seems to work for me for looking at what forum software to purchase.

It's nice being a member of an active forum using the software because you see what works. Great way to test software. When the forum I participate in converted to XenForo from vBulletin, it was interesting to watch and gave me insight into both programs and other users reactions to them. Features I liked seemed to disappear but, as is often the case, they are there but different spot and work slightly differently.

The active XenForo forum to ask questions and get good answers quickly (thanks to all) is a big plus for XenForo.