Need a hosting service that can handle MediaWiki, XenForo, and lots of images.


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Hello everyone,,
I'm having a hard time finding a service that will allow me to upload images to my server and host them so that they can be used across the wiki and forums. We've got WordPress as our front page and have all of the images on the same server. Ideally I'd like to have a VPS so that extensions for MediaWiki such as Scribunto will work without having to go through the hassle of contacting the customer service to install PHP extensions. Any thoughts/ideas of a service?
We are a console modding site and we have huge scans of console motherboards (usually 40mb + each) and have a bunch of high-res diagrams that are starting to add up quickly. We've got the Wiki hosted on a RamNode VPS because Scribunto wouldn't work with our current shared host. Our 50gb SSD is running out of space pretty quickly.
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This will really depend on what you budget it and whether you are looking for a managed service or not.

If you are happy to do everything yourself, you could look at Linode and DigitalOcean which offer self-managed VPS hosting at reasonable prices.


Depending on where you want the server to be located both Hetzner Cloud (Europe) or OVH's (Global) VPS offerings could be a good fit if you're comfortable maintaining the machine yourself. I've used both and am especially pleased with Hetzner in terms of pricing and performance.
Digitalocean and Linode are also good picks but you pay a relatively big premium for some of the features in their control panels rather than hardware itself.

Keep in mind that both these parties will not assist much or at all with managing the system, and OVH's support especially is basically non-existent when it comes to anything but outages.

If you aren't comfortable managing a system from the command line, cPanel or Plesk might be worth looking at. They will make your monthly costs a lot higher though, and both come with their own headaches.


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Any VPS should be able to handle all of that without issue. You're definitely going to want to find something hosted on SSDs though.

As others mentioned cPanel would be a good bet for ease of management but outside of that even with the image sizes you cited and disk space requirements you're not in need of anything out of the ordinary.