MyISAM to InnoDB: Can i make the change?

3rd AnGle

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I have just been informed the following by my host provider.. I don't know if i am allowed to change as they suggest. Please give me your recommendations.

I have been experiencing database errors so i took up the case with my host provider. This is their response

I also noticed your forum tables are all using MyISAM which while stable does have a tendency to become corrupted when queries are interrupted:

To resolve the issue I suggest changing the table engine to InnoDB which is much better suited for forum sites as the engine is able to handle inserts much better then MyISAM is.

Also if there is an option in your software anywhere to turn off delayed inserts I suggest doing that as well as our server kills any query that takes longer then 30 seconds to execute as a precaution to keep runaway queries from happening.


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You can disable delayed inserts in Options -> Performance.

Who is your host?