- A Better Dogecoin Community

#1 started during the downfall of the 'Official' Dogecoin Forum, My partner, who is an avid cryptocurrency kind of guy, told me about this. I've always been looking for a hole in the forum community to start a site. Most of the sites i've thought of starting either had been dominated by one forum already or I didn't have enough knowledge to start a forum in the area. With MyDoges, everything fell together. I've used XenForo for a while now, though I had never ran my own site using it (only moderating an administrating on other people's sites). I knew that our first goal should be to purchase a license for XenForo. Of course we didn't have enough money for this in the beginning stages, so we started with MyBB which I believe is a great free forum software. About 3 weeks after the founding of MyDoges, we had gotten 500+ members. We decided we would open donations to the public in a fundraiser for XenForo. In 1 week we had raised $135, which was enough for me. I went ahead and purchased XenForo and a theme from Audentio Design (UI.X and Class). Another week later I imported from MyBB to XenForo and imported my edited Class style. We've gotten some negative feedback so far from our users because of complexity (what?), but we've gotten even more positive feedback.

I haven't really gotten nitty-gritty with the customizing yet, though I do plan on experimenting via localhost. For now a few template edits and css changes have worked well. We do plan on having some custom addons developed to fit the forum and community (i.e. dogecoin/bitcoin trader, vault, etc) but that's going to take even more crowdfunding.

Anyways, if you're into cryptocurrencies (dogecoin in particular) is a great place to start getting in with the community. Our staff team work extremely hard to verify that each seller and buyer have a good reputation wherever they are: reddit,, and other sources. Our whole goal when we started MyDoges was to create a place to communicate with other 'Shibes' without having to worry about losing your money via scams and such. So far we have succeeded.


Suggestions/Feedback would be greatly appreciated!