MVC - What software does XF use?

Ryan Kent

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I am almost finished building my first website. I have learned a lot in the process, which was my major goal. I am hoping to eventually build add-ons for XF but I need to gain more experience before I would be comfortable in creating software that others will depend on.

I wish to take the next step and use a template system. I found one called Smarty that seems fine. Then I decided to step back and ask what template system XF uses. My preference would be to use the same software as XF whenever possible.

Can anyone share which "brand" of template system XF uses? The names of any other software needed to complete the MVC development process would be appreciated as well.


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The XenForo system is completely custom. I can't think of any templating system that's advanced enough to let you use custom name spaces and syntax without distinctively using theirs as well....

Ryan Kent

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Perhaps I should rephrase my question.

I would like to develop a website in as close to a XF environment as possible. My original thought was to simply purchase a XF license for every site, and build on top of XF. I would be doing this for some sites which do not use a forum at all. I decided against this approach primarily because I need a bit more flexibility.

I would like my development environment to be as close to XF as possible. Instead of learning two separate systems, I would prefer learning one system which can be used both inside and outside of XF. I hope that makes sense.


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XF uses: jQuery, TinyMCE, SWFUpload, Zend, <- all for coding reasons. There are others (like Minify, Sabre, check the library folder) but I doubt you're going to use them.

XFs template software (if you will) is just syntax that is compiled, you can find it in library/XenForo/Template


Well I think the crucial factor really is that XenForo uses the Zend PHP framework so much of it's MVC structure will be based upon that. Something I was told a while back is that it doesn't use the full Zend library though (so you may need to include the full Zend anyway) . I myself decided to use a different framework with the site I'm integrating into XF because I felt that Zend was overly complex. There's a lot of code from Xenforo that you can re-use even when you have your application structured this way.

Eventually I'll be looking to make the application I'm working on suitable for various forum software rather than just XenForo. But that's another story.

XenForo as someone else mentioned uses it's own templating system/syntax so if you're looking to create something that isn't dependant on XenForo then you'll need to find something else for yourself.