Add-on Multiple Requests



I am looking for a addon that is a image slider for XenPorta, kinda like a carousel, but instead of the ones that you see on here currently, I would like one that you just simply upload an image via the admin panel, add some text that will appear when you hover over the image and add a link, with an option to open in new tab or current window.

A TeamSpeak addon for XenPorta, the ones on the net don't work very well.

A working moderation queue for admins that is a drop down box instead of filling the top bar.

A minecraft shop, we are using BuyCraft which I don't really like, I would rather have everything built into Xenforo that links with Minecraft, I would like this to be able to link directly to my Minecraft server and when a user purchases it will come up with a TOS pop-up which has to be accepted, once purchased it will check if you are online, if yes it will grant you your new rank and it's perks/items, I would also like a subscription based purchase as well as a full one of purchase, I would also like my users to be able to purchase each package more than once.

Autopromotion system to auto promote the user on the server once he or she has signed up to the site.

Thanks for reading, madogdan