Lack of interest Multiple Pages (Pagination)


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Can you add the ability to let people add multiple pages? This would be a mobile-friendly solution to those who'se browsers have memory issues. I've noticed that some members have created resources that are very long as they are meant to function as a tutorial or a FAQ for another modification. I would rather flick through multiple pages of the resource than having to scroll all the way down. When a resource like that has multiple tutorial videos etc, it can become cumbersome to navigate when viewing from my phone, especially if it causes the page size to become too large. An example of this being done already is in Waindigo's Library modification


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This is one of the main things I want to see added to the resource manager (using it for guides, info mainly - many of which will have several parts). One of the guides I'm working on contains over 100 images. I'd need to split it up into separate sections just to display it and they'd all have different ratings and discussion threads.

Think of using it for reviews as well:
1) Introduction
2) Test Setup
3) This test 1
4) This test 2
5) Conclusion