Multiple Instances Of Resource Manager : Possible?


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I've searched a bit but could not find anything relevant. I like the way Resources Manager (RM) is developing. I'm already 'high' on ideas where the resources manager would come handy.

For example, I think I can use the RM to act as an online store for resume templates. But I'd also like to use it to list colleges in my country. I can't mix resume templates & colleges on one page with categories; right? (I know I can; but I'd like to keep them separate).

It would be nice if the RM allows me to run multiple instances. For example one RM instance may be used to list resume templates, second may be used to list out companies in my area, third could handle colleges etc.

Do you think it's possible?


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It's not possible to install it multiple times and I can basically say for technical reasons, it won't be.

Sadik B

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I am guessing an Addon could possibly be made which can allow RM categories to be added as Navbar Tabs and for each tab hide some specified category links from the left category navigation. This way, in effect you may achieve what you are intending.


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I envisage the resources manager being a hub for all resources as the name suggests. It already has categories and sub categories and I feel that the way it is set up and designed is perfect. Any modifications to it such as those you mention could be done in templates and basic add-ons.