XF 1.2 Multi-select Image uploading on mobile devices

Very new to XF and just playing around here while I'm running a test upgrade on my main forum - Have a question though.

Is there a way to allow the attachment uploader to accept multiple image selections? On a PC in browser, I can of course select numerous different files to upload, but from my Android phone (Galaxy Note 2) It doesn't allow me to select more than one at a time to upload, which is a little bit of an inconvenience.

Is there any kind of solution that'll allow me to check several images off in my gallery on my phone to que for upload like the PC in browser process?


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The Flash uploader is disabled for mobile devices, hence why it is single file upload only.
Keeping in mind I'm not a coding guru, but, hypothetically, if you did some sort of a OS detection and found that it was an android system, could the flash uploader still be used? Obviously wont work on any of the apple devices - but I'm curious if it'll work on Androids and perhaps was just disabled on all mobile platforms out of an abundance of caution - ?


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Well, i saw another Xenforo where it is possible to multi-select and upload several images on mobile dvices. Ist this somehow to enable by a workaround ?
I need this feature urgently.