Lack of interest Move/Open quick reply input box under the post that you are replyig to


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I really like the quick reply and reply with quote that in vB4. I mean when you click on reply or reply with quote, the quick reply open just under the post that you are replying to.
I think it will better to have this feature in XF.
It will be also very useful when using multiple-quotes, because now if you want to quote multiple posts, you will:
  1. first click on post
  2. then it will take you to the quick reply box at the bottom of the page
  3. then you will have to scroll up to quote the second post
  4. then it will take you again to the quick reply at the bottom of the page
  5. then again you will need to scroll up to quote the third post and so on.
But if the quick reply post open right under the post you are replying to/quote, then you can simply go to the next post and when clicking on the reply link in another post, the box will move to the new post with the contents quoted from the first post. it will be much faster, easier and more convenient.

Just my 2 cents :)


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:: ponders ::
This addresses something many of us have been talking about. I think I like this as a solution? And maybe add a copy of the page nav to the quick reply in case you want to jump back to the end of the last page etc?

What does everyone else think? I've seen a lot of posts mentioning the quote /multi-quote animation being awkward because you have to scroll so much, but I haven't seen too many specific solutions suggested.


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This is also one of the big things that we miss since switching from vB.