Motion control for your computer


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I just stumbled across this little tidbit:

It is supposed to be over 200 times more sensitive than Kinect, and the demo is looking pretty sweet, but I highly suspect those clips are very much "optimized". The surprising thing about it is the pricetag, for $70 you can pre order the camera, which isn't half bad. They expect it to be ready in late 2012 or early 2013.

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Seems interesting, I wonder how this gadget interprets common hand moves like itching your head. How can it distinguish commands from natural body movement?


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It probably won't distinguish between natural, it will just detect motion. However, it seems it emulates touch screens, so you will use gestures to initiate an action. Like pinch to zoom, drop thumb to fire etc.

Luke F

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With input lag visible on a 25fps video and therefore 40+ms, this likely isn't worth having and is just as bad as a touch screen

Digital Doctor

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It appears you have to be exactly over top of the sensor. The demos fingers are always the same distance from the monitor.

I watched the demo and I didn't want to do any of the things it demo'd. I don't want to use chopsticks to play angry birds, I don't want to wiggle my fingers aimlessly, I don't want to write hello twice. I don't want to pinch to zoom on google earth. I don't want it ....