More Staff Activity = 1.1 Release Soon.


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It would be rather silly for them to make a release at this time of night, I would imagine it would be done during normal business hours.


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Well, the last time there was a lot of activity, such as "fixing" bugs and whatnot - a day later... It went up on the members area.


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So what difference does them all logging into the site make. I see Kier logged into the site all the time, and i thought Ashley dealt with the business side of things so can't see him logging into the site being a indication of a pending release, I'd say Mike is the other key person in this area you should be looking for.


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Well, 1.1 released on here for testing. I think it goes pretty much without saying that it will soon be available for the rest of us.

As sod it, thats what the ignore feature is for, *adds Carlos*


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I think it is more staff activity = 1.1 has been rolled out on this site for testing...

1.1 has been rolled out on this site for testing = 1.1 will probably be released soon (though I suspect a few days considering not all features have been rolled out here yet)

Mike Edge

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Hopefully they don't pull a Blizzard Ent.. All features unlocked first at ForumCon display with a X-Mas release date that gets shoved back til Spring next year.