Add-on Moderator Statics Add-On ?


Well I am sure that everyone need that if you have a big forum you wanna keep track the moderators

If there is a mod which shows in different page ( this mod is available in vbulletin) I mean crazy: did those , xyz:did those like that , how many posts did they send in last 30 days, how many thread did they open in last 30 days , how many posts and threads did they open in last 30 days in their forums , how many threads or posts did they changed,locked,moved,erased(total)

Well thats fair I think. Just for see that moderators are doing their job or not. I mean not just moderator user group all of the user groups moderators,admins,super moderators,co-admins.

If someone wanna do that Im gonna pay too it doesnt matter.

Thank you very much.


There is a moderator log, admin.php?logs/moderator
But there are no statistics, it would be nice to get an extra tool that could say
Here is a list of your moderators, in this month they've made x posts and threads, profile comments and new conversations, or replied to any .. And this is the month before that. (for comparison reasons).