Missing images with "webkit-fake-url" in the URL?


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I don't know if anyone else is experiencing anything similar, but I've had a few posts where the images don't work and when I look at the post HTML the image link has "webkit-fake-url" in it.

From what I can tell it appears to be when someone pastes an image into the editor via a Webkit enabled browser such as Safari.

Is there anything I can do to stop this? Any editor/XF workarounds?

Or do I just need to advise members to upload images instead of pasting them directly into the editor?

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I did some research on this. This appears to be webkit's way of pasting local images into rich editors. For example, open an image from your computer in OS X's Preview application. Select all, copy, and paste into the rich editor in XF (using Safari or some other webkit browser).

Clearly this is user fail. You obviously cannot paste a local image into a forum post without uploading it as an attachment, or uploading it to some other online location. Webkit just has a strange way of handling this which allows the user to submit the post thinking that it will work. The fix is to educate your users.


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The fix is to educate your users.
I figured as much - but didn't know whether the XF devs could "block" this behaviour with code/options in the editor, so thought it worth a mention just in case.

I'll advise members where I see them doing this. (y)