minor CSS adjustment - Share This Page

Ryan Kent

Well-known member
I am trying to move my facebook widget in the Share This Page footer below the twitter button. After stubbornly struggling with this issue the past 2 hours I decided it's time to ask for help. If anyone can offer some guidance here I'd appreciate it.

What I am trying to end up with is the below image (a quick cut/paste by me)



XenForo moderator
Staff member
Just remove the float: left from the .sharePage .shareControl class.

If doing it in EXTRA.css:
.sharePage .shareControl {
float: none;

It may need the !important attribute.

Ryan Kent

Well-known member
omg ty so much. I now realize the problem is another change I made in my style. When I used your suggestion in the default template it worked. I should be able to troubleshoot from here. Thx again.