Add-on Minecraft IGN authentication through irc


I am looking for a way to allow members of the forum to authenticate their Minecraft IGN by having a random string like "AG5F2" private messaged in game to entered username, where they will need to enter it back into the site to authenticate. That's why i was thinking the irc was a good idea. They already have plugins that hook into a irc channel and have security settings. and i have my own private channel that is for the site back end only. Basically the forum will ask what their username for minecraft ($nick) is, then generate a short authentication ($auth) code. Then send this message to the irc channel "/mail send '$nick' Your Auth code is '$auth'. Please enter into" The irc will take care of the rest then the user can come back to enter that code. if it matches success. a resend auth code would be nice. Any input or help appreciated. $$ Also want this to work with if possible.