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Migrating from Eve Community 1.3.7?


Well-known member
Has anyone been able to convert from Eve Community 1.3.7

Eve Community is the hosted forum run by Infopop who changed their name to Groupee who changed their name to LiveCloud who changed their name to Social Strata who then changed their name to Hoopla whatever the heck they call themselves.

They change their names too much.

According to this page there seems to be a converter to vBulletin from Eve 1.3.4

http://launchforum.com/forum-world-14/fo...phpbb-139/ (link didn't come through with first post)

Has anyone been able to do this?


Well-known member
I'm having issues finding a way to convert to those although I think it could be possible... are there techs to help out with this?