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XF 1.1 Migrate From Proprietary to XenForo?


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I am wanting to migrate a truckload of forum posts, users, and threads from a proprietary forum to XenForo.

My first thought was to shuffle the source forum database around to mimic vBulletin 3.6 and then I could use the vB3.6 -> XF importer. However the lack of a vB3.6 database schema is making this tricky.


Does someone have a dead simple XF importer that will grab users, posts, and threads?


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Ok so I did a backup of an active vB3.x database before and after adding a Custom Profile Field. Using UltraCompare, I was able to determine that these are the DB changes:
  • language: alters `phrasegroup_cprofilefield` column in row 1
  • phrase: adds 2 rows
  • userfield: adds a column
  • profilefield: adds a row
The vB3->XF importer seems to require one column in the language table: language.charset. Otherwise, I'm not sure it cares.


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The vBulletin -> XenForo importer is very persnickety and expects *at least* these tables:


  • languageid, attachfile, attachpath, usefileavatar, avatarpath
  • userid, adminpermissions
  • userid, buddylist, signature
I say at least because at this point I got tired of trying to perfectly recreate a vBulletin forum just to get the XF importer to work. See below to find out what I actually did instead.


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Thanks Jake.

And just a general takeaway here -- if you have both vBulletin and XenForo licenses and an unknown/undefined database format, the best bet seems to be: load your posts, threads, and users into a blank vBulletin forum, then run every Repair script available. It should piece it together well enough for a XenForo import. XenForo's importer will not tolerate missing data like vB's repair scripts will.

Will write back when I make some progress.