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Hello guys. Here is my situation.

I own two websites, a wordpress blog and then a xenforo forum. I now want to merge the two sites taking the forum from its own domain and adding it to my other domain making it gamentrain.com/forum. I am not looking to bridge the two as I want separate logins for the forum and for commenting. My issue is that I do not want to lose all the design, registered users and content that I have currently created within the forum. Is this possible and if so, can I get a little guidance as I am pretty stuck.

Could it be as easy as changing the Board URL in the admin basic board information setting?

Thanks for the help.


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In short.

Close the forum.

Make a copy of the database. Make a copy of all your files.

Upload the database to the new domain.

Upload the files to the new domain.

Edit you config.php to the new database details if different.

Log into admin CP, update your board URL.

Reopen Board.


allow me to clarify. Both of my sites are with the same host. all i am looking to do is change the url where the forum lies so that gamentrain.coms url can receive all of the traffic to that domain rather than splitting my traffic between two. I have spoken to a few designers and they seem to believe that the change of url should be a bit more simple.

The image below is what I am thinking of


Jake Bunce

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Where does the domain point to right now? If it's the same server and the domain is not currently being used then perhaps you can just park the new domain on the existing site (done by your host or server person). Then you just need to update the Board URL. No file or db move needed if it's the same site.