Merging two styles


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Hello everyone.
Currently for my forums I am utilizing the Minecraft theme, but I wish to merge some of the Flexile theme parts with that. Some parts that I would like to change are when you are viewing a forum it would be like Home > Forum > Announcements, and I would like to change the headers, body of the web page, etc to be more like the Flexile theme.
1) Is there an easy way to do this, if so, how?
2) If it requires merging the CSS/HTML parts in the template (I do know how to do this, but scarcely), is there an easy way to figure out which templates I want to edit?
3) How could this stay when I update my forum?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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No easy way, no. You need to manually find the appropriate images, HTML, and CSS from one style and apply it to the other. And it won't necessarily be a straight copy/paste. You need some HTML / CSS ability to do this.