Men Crying


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Macho men who pretend they dont cry are just that , living up to a MachoMan image..

Unless you have been born with no tear ducts, everyone cries at some stage of life ( or death )

What yanks my chain apart from family deaths is when I see or hear of childrens suffering of ANY sort , family or not..



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I cried my eyes out for weeks when my mom died. That was the only time in my adult life that I ever cried. Before then I would have probably said that man crying would be a wussy, but now I have a different outlook. If you are overtaken by raw emotions and need to let them out, then let by all means let them out.
However dont go crying over an insult or not getting your way. Thats just childish.


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Kids are okay - until they learn to talk. Once they do they never shut up. You won't ever be able to watch an episode of Mythbusters without interruption again - ever - in the universe!!!

They're okay in a way, I suppose, a bit. They can be quite cute and funny, and it's lovely when they snuggle up for a cuddle - although I'll have to tell our 23 year old she's getting a bit big for that now ... lol ;)


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Touching music , disturbing video though.. Makes you think of just how cruel man can be...

But until we genetically engineer all future generations DNA and eradicate the fighting gene that resides in all of us.
The world will remain the sameas it has been for 2,000 years or more. And to think we call our selves Humanity....??

On a lighter note getting back to real men... Take a look at this vid..