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Other MediaWiki Bridge / Embed System


Formerly null0
I've been really eager to add a wiki to my site for a long time, but haven't been able to find a proper add-on to facilitate it. I don't need a super complicated template / css system setup for it, I just want a MediaWiki that sits inside in site and shares a user table.

SchmidtIT, or something, released a bridge just to share users a long time ago, but it doesn't work with the latest version of MediaWiki.

XenCarta is way too simple for what I want to do. It's basically a way to allow users to create static content, rather than a wiki.

VaultWiki is a lot closer, but it lacks a lot of the syntax parsing I need, and (since it's not actually MediaWiki), I can't use add-ons for it. I also could not find a way to move discussion off the same page as the content and that's basically a deal breaker.

I'm tempted to start up a bounty for this, since what I want seems so simple, but would require time I don't feel like putting into it. I don't really know XenForo well enough to not take weeks upon weeks to figure it out.