Media slider nav bug on mobile

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This even happens here on XF so easy top test.

Media slider

The rightside arrow, when you tap it, instead of the thumbs scrolling it clicks the image behind it. This does not happen with the left, and swiping in either direction works fine. It's just the right arrow tap. Thanks


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This happens on the full site as well, to reproduce:

I have auto-play with looping enabled. 24 max media items. Displaying 2, sidebar. Responsive: off
1) Let it fully cycle once so the 24 go by and it starts over. Click the right arrow and it clicks to the media behind it.
2) Simply click the right arrow and it works as navigation until it starts over and it will click the image instead (just keep clicking the right arrow without moving the mouse. When done looping the nav turns into an image click).
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