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XF 1.4 Media Embed Settings... where?

So far, so good with Xenforo. I am happy I have switched over from vBulletin....

However, as a newbie to Xenforo, I don't quite know where everything is, and I just saw this post in the Tapatalk forum

As a Wistia user, I have found that forum members are a bit unnerved when they are unable to view wistia videos on Tapatalk, but this looks like a work-around...

My only question is this -- where do I find the "option to show link below media embed in XenForo?"

Is this a global option (in the Admin panel) or is it something that must be ticked for every single post with media in it?


Well-known member
Use the ACP search for "auto-embed media links" to find the option.

You may want to consider ditching Tapatalk and persuading your members to use the mobile friendly responsive design. There's a lot that Tapatalk doesn't support, including basic formatting functionality, let alone the additions that add-ons make. Responsive design works with all of these, plus you don't have to worry about Tapatalk's security issues.