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Dalton Prock

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so, I'll need to condense the visitor tabs for all widths?

I'd rather remove the go to top (so it doesn't push everything down) as I have floating goto top/bottom.

Also the sticky header doesn't work on my nexus 5X on landscape, tried in firefox and chrome. Confirmed on the demo on themehouse site.
Hello, please know that we removed the sticky components at smaller viewport heights.


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I'm using XenForo 1.5.16a and tried to install this theme with the UI.X add-on. Yes, i used the UI.X 1 ;)
But that is the result and i am confused. What is happend?



I've started working on Material however I find the Grid Styling doesn't seem to be working on Sub Forums for me... This is what I seem to get and no background either... What have I not done? :cry:

Edit: If I disable Metro Node Styling it'll grid the sub forums. However I like the card like design to work across the whole site including Sub Forums...
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