Add-on Mass purge of users


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Hi addon developers

please make a Mass Purge of Users
-that has x posts
-that can filter by date of registration
-that list usernames with checkbox beside username to select

XF forum owners just needs to delete some registrations made last saturday till monday
during the mass spam attack...

Thanks :)


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Yeah, I just had the same thing happened in one of the boards I manage. The admin switched from Q&A captha to recaptha and deactivated an addon tha prevents spammer registration (XenUtiles) I had to delete 200 user accounts manually.


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please make a Mass Purge of Users
Is it better to leave them as banned members vs. deleting them? That way they can't just use a different IP address and come back.

Separating the banned users from the regular users list would be the add on or upgrade I'd be looking for.


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id love to be able to use 'less than' as well. select accounts with less than 3 posts, less than 3 likes, and no avatars for example. present the list with tickboxes that i can select/deselect, and an option to ban or delete and change usergroups. ive been wanting this since xf went gold.