Implemented Mass Delete "Server Error Log"


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I wasn't sure to post this in the bug board or here.

Bug: In the server error log, the error bleed out to the right. Minor, No biggy.

Suggestion: create a button to "delete all errors". Being new to xenForo, I wasn't properly installing add-on's right. So I had a long list of errors. Going back and deleting each one manually with a pop-up confirmation just took too long. Just my 2 cents...


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A few days ago, I had a problem with my forum that created a log in the error log each time someone visited a profile/member card.

Now, I got 5 pages of error logs and I would like to get them all removed. Of course not by clicking the cross 100 times ;)

I would like to see a mass delete function.


run the query from your console:

TRUNCATE TABLE `xf_error_log`
(wuuuuuuuup, a new very easy add-on idea:)