Mark all PMs as Read?


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Hi all,

Had a quick search for this but no luck in finding an answer, is it possible to mark all PMs/Private Conversations as read? We've just moved a forum over to XF and members' inboxes are all showing as unread...

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You can try doing it with an SQL query:

UPDATE xf_conversation_user SET is_unread = 0;
UPDATE xf_user SET conversations_unread = 0;

I haven't tested this, it's possible xf_conversation_recipient.last_read_date will also need to be set.

Take a backup first.


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At the very least, I'd like for private conversations to be able to be "closed" or archived like we can do with "reported posts". That way it would be easier to manage the number of conversations. The member who started the discussion could have the option to close it for all parties.