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Manually edit thread title?

I don't see any options to edit thread titles within a thread, so I was curious what I would have to do to manually edit a thread title? I have a popular thread that I'd like to optimize the SEO of by changing the title wording.


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Hi SgtSpike,

That option is within the Discussion List View.. over to the right of the thread title you will see a little "edit" link, this pops up box where you can edit the title :)


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You cannot edit the thread title while viewing the thread, as you know. You must visit the thread list to edit titles. There should be an edit button (far right side) for every thread listed.

Edit - ninjad


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All of the thread tools are located in the dropdown.

Having an addition Edit Title link in the first post only would be inconsistent.
Where is this located. (the thread list and the image where he showed how to edit the title) I have looked everywhere and I cannot find it. I am logged in as the admin and I cannot see it in the admin panel and it is not on my menu for the normal forum overview.
I cannot find this.
It is not on my admin section nor on my normal view of the forum.
How do I get to this?
I have no thread tools section I can find.


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Functions such as that are moderator specific, rather than administrator.

Ensure you have promoted yourself as a moderator and have the necessary permissions.

Use the Analyze Permissions function to determine what your full permission set is.

Ensure you haven't used Never for any permission for any user group you are a member of.
Where is the Analyze Permissions function located?
I gave myself full permissions on all moderator functions and I still do not see that section.
Greetings Linda,

Everything says yes or unlimited for myself. Where is that thread section located usually? I really cannot find it. I am frustrated.
I was having difficulty figuring out how to change the thread title and where exactly to locate this mysterious "Thread Tools" thing that all of London was talking about.
Some had seen it, described it, even photographed it ... but ... but ...

Anyway, in case it's helpful to you or anyone else, here is a screenshot of exactly where to find that drop-down thingamajig mentioned by Jake Bunce. i.e. "Thread Tools" ...

Where to find Thread Tools.png

PS: As Admin I didn't need to make any changes to the Permissions within the Admin Control Panel.

PPS: Typo in screenshot image. It's not a "Thread Toos" ... it's a "Thread Tools". Oops!

Best Wishes,