Making Threads into Video type pages..


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I want a similar layout as the article system on xenPorta but I'd want the post reply box on top of the posts / comments and the comments / posts to be ordered newest to oldest, all of this only for one style. So I tried to do this in the thread_view template, but I got a lot of errors when trying to put the post reply box above the comments.

I first tried to put the Post Reply box right beneath the first post, after doing some conditionals i got that to work, then I dislpayed the other "Comments", but when I tried to post it didn't work and would freeze. Also the "comments / posts" are currently being displayed oldest to newest, but I want it similar to youtube's newest to oldest way. There are some conditionals I am aware of for the file system and editing the files of xenForo, but some of them do not work.

Btw most of the things are probably just going to be edits in the Thread_view template, I just could not get that to work.
Any help would be appreciated.