Making a custom userfield hyperlinked?


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Hi All,

We would like to be able to make one of the custom user fields a link to another user fields content...

To put this into context (and hopefully make it make sense :confused:)

One customer user field is 'Drives' - So the user would put 'Car' (hopefully the type of car..)
Another custom user field is 'Gallery Link' so they put a link to the thread they have shared pictures of their car in

The idea being in the forum messages the Car they have entered is clickable and takes them to a thread.

I've had a play in the message_user_info but I'm getting knowwhere fast!

Any thoughts?

EDIT: It'd need to be conditional too, I.e. only show if they've entered something into Drives



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Follow this steps and the addon that I made for you will work. Later, you can change the name of the fields.

Create two custom user fields:

id -> drives
Title-> Drives
Value Display HTML: <a href="{$custom}">{$value}</a>

Gallery Link
id -> gallerylink
Title -> Gallery Link

Download the attached file and put inside the folder library.
Use the .xml to install.


The field Drives should display the value that you entered to this field and link to the value of the field Gallery Link

If you want to use another fields, open the file Member.php and change the drives or gallerylink to what you want.



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Just tried again and you are right, it does link in the Information tab, but doesn't in the message_user_info bit within threads, thats when I get the {$custom} URL show up