Lack of interest Mailing List functionality


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A new potential XenForo client I am talking to is in need of sophisticated functionality (like here and here) for their business website and one of the things they need is generating email-lists from the forum database.

My questions/suggestions:
  • Does XenForo offer an ACP function that generates email-lists? vBulletin 3.8 has it built in.
    If not, then this is a suggestion request for it,
  • vBulletin 'only' generates the output (like a comma divided list) on screen in the ACP. For this client it would be of a big value if this output could actually be downloaded as a .csv file, for further processing/distribution,
  • If XenForo offers a 'Generate Mailing List' function like vBulletin does, is this then only accessible by Administrators or can I give Moderators (or their employees who need to use this function only, without being a Moderator) access to (only) this option, without giving them access to all the other Admin functions inside the ACP?
  • This is taken things maybe a bit too far
    , but the employees of this company are mostly non-computer literate. Meaning, that instead of manually setting all kinds of different settings inside the 'Search Criteria' it would be of a tremendous help if I could give them pre-programmed settings where they only have to press 1 single button like [Generate List for Germany] [Generate List for the UK] [Generate List for Holland] to be able to generate (or preferable download it immediately) the list they need.