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[LT] Robohash Avatar 1.0.0

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NikitOS submitted a new resource:

[MV] Robohash Avatar - Replacing XenForo standard avatars with Robohash avatars

Replacing XenForo standard avatars with Robohash avatars.

In the options, you can choose the type of avatar and background. Look at examples of avatars and backgrounds on the Robohash website.
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Examples of avatars of each type.
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I love this idea. Thank you.

I installed it, but I'm a little nervous to activate. A couple questions please...

Will it erase just the default xenforo avatars?

Can I undo it afterwords and return to default avatars?

Does it save the avatar to the user's profile... same as if they uploaded a pic? So, in theory could remove the mod and not lose anything?

Thank you.