Not a bug "Log in or Sign up" Phrase


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A follow-up on @Brogan's resolved bug report here. I personally think Log In and Sign Up look fine, but since it was decided to change Sign Up to Sign up for consistency, now the login bar handle looks a bit weird with what appears to be random capitalization.

I suggest changing the phrase to "Log in or sign up," which doesn't really go against title-casing on buttons since the handle is not really a button.

Phrase: log_in_or_sign_up

Log In Sign Up.png


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I disagree. Looks fine.
We all have different opinions. :)

The way I'm looking at it is if you wrote a sentence that looked like, "Today I went to the Store and bought Milk because it's good for your bones," it would be wrong because you would not capitalize "store" and "milk."


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It's not really a sentence, but it's mirroring the buttons now.
Since it's mirroring buttons, it should technically be Log in or Sign Up. :p No complaints or anything of the sort from me, though, as I understand where you're coming from. :)

You're free to change it obviously.
Of course. :) I just always think it's nice to have certain things like that as the default option.