XF 1.3 Locked Out Of Admin CP


I just installed the AdminCP Firewall add-on and for some reason, it has locked me out saying that my IP address is not allowed to enter. Apparently, ever IP I enter the site with that account, gets saved to my user's IP address log.

Please, I need this fixed today.

Thank You.

Tracy Perry

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Thank You Tracy so much, I appreciate it.

One more question, after I disable that AdminCP Firewall add-on, will I be able to access the panel? Will this ruin any data on the site, etc.?
You should be able to just fine once you disable it in the ACP. If not, you can always disable all ad-ons again in config.php and then log into the ACP and remove that add-on.

Tracy Perry

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You do know how to disable the add-ons in config.php correct?
If not, it's simply adding
$config['enableListeners'] = 0;
$config['enableListeners'] = false;
Once you don't need it you can just comment the code out by adding the # sign in front of it and saving it.

Tracy Perry

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No, disable all add-ons via config.php... disable the specific add-on after you log into the ACP... enable all add-ons back via config.php (comment the line out)... then test to make sure you can still log into the ACP with it disabled.
If you cannot log into the ACP with it disabled, repeat steps above but instead of disabling it, uninstall that add-on then repeat the enable via config.php and confirm you can log in.