XF 1.4 Location

Maybe in some country, address not important, like our country, we have 17000 island, most important for us from which Island or maybe just from which province.

In another software forum, I can replace location in profile with custom field and have options (address must be valid or choose the option I gave them) instead they writing by them self. Is it possible to do in xenforo ?

I try to make custom field but still cannot replace basic location from xenforo.. or maybe I don't know..


All the idea is because on 1.4 xenforo can do Require Location.

Please advise, thanks in advance.

What we do is to have the normal location field on display for each member, and to also ask for Real Location as a Custom Field that is never displayed to others and that is for the info of the Admin. We also ask for Real Name in the same way. This allows our members to be vague in their public location and to be known by a nickname for safety reasons... but to always give us their true name and location.

Asking these things also helps us identify SPAMMERS as they tend not to be able to give sensible answers. Also their true location info seldom matches their IP address location so helping us know who is probably a fake.

So, if you want the Island info for your own reasons the above may work for you as you can ask for detailed confidential locations for that field.

If you want the Island info/a detailed location to be public then I would think that you could simply change the wording of the location question to ask for that info.

I hope the thoughts help.