Fixed Links remain to deleted members who have zero content, but voted on poll resulting in 404s


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If you have a member with zero posts that have been deleted, they will be removed from a poll. You will see a space where they were removed, surrounded by commas. If you look at the underlying source code, there will be a link to their profile if you view source. This results in a 404 error. This happens even after rebuilding poll cache.


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When you say "You will see a space where they were removed", where are you seeing this? I'm assuming that you mean in the list of names in the overlay that appears when you click the vote count on the results of a public poll?

If so, I don't get the empty-space-surrounded-by-commas issue unless I run the poll cache rebuilder, but the behaviour before I do that, where the name is retained but leads to a 'member not found' error, in the same way as would happen with a guest, would be the intended behaviour.

What I may look into doing is altering the behaviour of the poll cache rebuilder so that it retains the name of the deleted user for historical record purposes.


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I've changed this so that it works a little more like the 'Likes' summary below messages.

Upon deleting the member, nothing will happen - the username will remain in place, but clicking it will take you to a 'not found' message.

If the poll cache is rebuilt and the username information is lost, the system will display '(deleted member)' instead of the username, and it will not be clickable.


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I have found this. I have erased some members and their votes are still being counted. Is there a way to have their votes removed from the poll?