Let's do some statistic - how much average forum user post messages ad receives like per year

As I try to calculate some trophy points to set up my "brilliant" marketing stragey to launch the forum then I really need to put down goals that would be enough motivating but still reachable... As I see here then some users manage to post more than 10 000 messages per year and receive 5000 likes... That will be probably target for main prizes... Bu what could be good goal in 1 month term/3month term?

Any discussion in this area is warmly welcome :) Thanks in advance...


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i think the default levels may seem far too low. but they work great if they are used for the initial trophies; early trophies being easier to achieve than later trophies.
looking at my own membership, the midline active users post between 300-500 posts per month. most people tend to have more likes than posts, but this may be an anomaly.


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In marketing you usually say that 20% of your customers carry 80% of your business. With forums its probably a bit like that too where you have a small number of very active users and the rest will post infrequently or may not even register and just read posts as guests. Someone else posted elsewhere words of eternal wisdom: what 1S THE 1NSENT1VE?

I think average users probably make about 1 post per day. By average I don't mean active users, active to me means that they have an opinion on everything and make 10+ posts a day. Those people don't really care about trophies and without to sound too negative, I don't think the 1 post per day user cares about trophies either. In my opinion rewarding pure post count is a flawed system as such I would not issue any trophies based on post count at all (other than first post maybe, and maybe 42nd post, and 666th post, and 1337 post, and stuff like that).
I guess that this is depending of target group - as for me main target group is 18-35 women then in this case awards works better than maybe for some computer game forum where all users have common hobby. Currently in Estonia is situation that there are 3 main women forum - and it will be challenge to go from zero. Fortunately forum is just supporting system and my main product makes real value but still I believe that XF trophy system gives lot of interesting opportunities to make really interesting internet-marketing and PR tricks ;)


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...post more than 10 000 messages per year and receive 5000 likes...
I think this is a good idea, but as far as I know, there is no current way to assign a trophy for posts made per year - as opposed to total number of posts. I know because I am looking for the same thing.

....what could be good goal in 1 month term/3month term?
That would totally depend on the size of the forum...


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Honestly, I think most people don't care about trophies, it's just a nice gimmick.

For me, it depends on the forums. I used to be slightly more active here, when XenForo just started. I got quite a bit of likes from that period as well, and most of my trophies (can't even remember the last time I got a trophy, really.. come to think of it, I got spammed to death with them in the beginning, and I get none now... that could use a little more balance maybe.) On other forums, I just read along specific interesting things, and on others I post like crazy. It all depends.

I think the most important part is to find a way to keep people engaged. If people do like trophies, it's quite annoying to have to wait for another 1000 posts to get one, if you're posting 10 messages a day. And so on..