legal text for "imprint" and "T&C" needed


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I know we do have some lawyers and legal experts here at XF.

I would need a proper legal text for the "Imprint" and the "T&C" for my forum in order to protect myself from the legal issues out there.

Does anyone of you have a proper text for me ? It should not be related to a specific country, just a generic version.

Appreciate your kind help!

Many thanks!


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Generic texts can be found all over the place online.

If you want one made for your site personally, I doubt youll be getting it for free ;)


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Yeah, I appreciate the thought behind this...however, the solution you are looking for (protection from legal claims) really does take a tailored approach. Otherwise, you might just as well copy and paste from other T&C (not the recommended approach).

I have done this kind of legal work before (drafting T&C) for internet companies. (By way of disclosure, this was many years ago, and I don't do this kind of work anymore and am neither available for or interested in doing this kind of work). With that as a background, I would advise anyone with real concerns about these issues to seek qualified legal representation. There really is no way to get around it. You either need tailored help or you don't. If you do, you will likely have to spend to get the advice and representation you need.