Launch team to help get new xenForo forums going?

Fred Sherman

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I do not remember which forum I had visited in the past that utilizes this idea, but I was wondering if there was any interest here. The concept is pretty simple. Lets say John Q. Admin starts a new xenForo forum. We have a vested interest in helping him be successful, because it promotes the software. So a group of volunteers agree to register and help generate so initial content so that it doesn't look like everything is written by a single admin. Everyone commits a small amount of time for a few weeks to shepherd it along until it reaches the point where the newly attracted users begin to sustain it.

Would anyone be interested in being part of a xenForo launch team? Would any of the new forums be interested in this type of community support? Has anyone had help like this in the past and what were your experiences? Maybe its a good idea, or maybe its just a good idea on paper.

I welcome the discussion.

Fred Sherman

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I think the goal is similar, but the approach is different. I'm not suggesting a quid pro quo, but I also see how it could end up that way if not done properly. Let me think on it and I'll come back with a strawman for an approach and solicit comments. I think I agree with the conclusion in the other thread that the "you post five and I will too" approach fails in execution.

If there are any other ideas, please share.


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Id be up for something like this so long as it is not as difficult to partake in as TAZ. I have some ideas ill post about after work when im not on my phone anymore!! :)


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Definitely... I could use some help.. and at the same time I could invest some time helping a couple of people.. The new license I bought is for my software company, which is on re-launch stage and could use some sincere activity (when the relaunch is ready), It would help me more if the persons helping are savvy forum runners or coders, as they would relate more, rather than someone doing it just because - without sincere intentions to help.


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If I might point out a XenForo forum that's already set up and doing this pretty well:
Thank you sir for the mention :)

Postloop is really kind of in between TAZ's launch team and the traditional post exchange that was mentioned earlier (ie: 5:5). It may suit your needs, Fred...Not many hoops to jump through, you basically start immediately. If you have any questions about how it works, let me know (it's my site).


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Good idea, but I don't want to have to pay for posts, nor make posts on a forum that doesn't interest me, y'know?
If that's in response to Postloop, you don't have to pay for it (unless you want to)--you sign up your forum, join and post to other forums on the list that interest you, and as you do, the points for your forum rise. This entices people to join your forum because they'll get more points in return, and so on.


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I've never used anything like this but don't you just end up with a load of random posters/posts who aren't interested in your forum topic/content?

Taking Fred's original idea in the opening post, unless people are interested in F1, they're not really going to be able to post on my site and the same goes for me with any other forum which is for a subject I know nothing about.


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Not trying to toot my own horn, but since Peggy and Brogan have asked - Postloop makes the whole "forum subject" issue a lot less problematic. You aren't forced to post in a forum you aren't interested in, and you're not forced to choose from a subset of just a few forums. This is a problem with a "launch team" and your typical "post exchange".

With Postloop, you (currently) have over 50 forums to choose from, and the variety of subjects is huge. The number and variety grows every day. This is good not only for the poster but also the forum owner...They won't have people posting in their forums who are completely uninterested in the subject.