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Just got Adobe Creative Cloud


Well-known member
Boy... so many apps. I needed only three but getting all was cheaper. Anyone else got the Creative Cloud? What are some favorite apps? Anything for generating and uploading Podcasts?


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I've had it since December. I think it was a very smart move on Adobe's part to offer their applications this way. My two favorites are Dreamweaver and Photoshop. I also use on occasion Premiere Pro and Illustrator.


Well-known member
I have it and love it! I love being able to just download any app I need and go. I got the full thing, so I have access to it all :)

At first I was a bit doubtful... but over 2 months with it and I'm very happy. Well worth the money.


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Looks amazing, if I was still doing a lot of design work I would definitely get that rather than upgrading!


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One thing I don't like is that Adobe installed some crap on my Firefox browser. I haven't tried uninstalling it yet.



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Have had it since April of last year, get the educational discount. I only really use Photoshop and Illustrator, but it's nice having access to all the apps. Down the road, I might try some of the others, like Dreamweaver.


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I recently sold my CS4 and CS5.5 to purchase adobe creative cloud.
Not happy about a contract that nulls itself at-the-end.