I've gone live with XF -


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Very interesting topics.

As for the style, you'll need to tweak the colors to coordinate with your header, which I like alot.
Good luck with your forum. :)


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Congrats on coming out of the clos..... opps wrong forum.

On the home page, there's a bunch of writing right down the bottom that I can't read at all.

Good luck with the new forums :)


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I agree with Peggy, your logo is fabulous, would be great to see the forum theme better fit with it :)


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LOL, I did not see the hidden links until I looked closer, you are right about the negative SEO that will result.

PS: My eyes must be shot, at 52 I finally need to break down and get some prescription glasses.


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My point is, instead of calling his homepage a joke, why not point out what kewword stuffing is and why it's bad. :) He might not know.

The way things are approached could mean the difference between actually helping someone, and driving them away. That's all I'm saying.

Look, the member did this guy a favor, some people don't like strong medicine but it works in most cases.
heheh yeah you go on thinking that.