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Itemized Specs mod - possibly [PAID]


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Looking to recreate my vB mods for XF, but I haven't dived into the backend yet (nor am I a professional coder), so I'm looking to the community for help. Depending on cost I may even be able to throw some money into the pot, but this mod will be released to the community for free (one of the CC licenses I guess).

Anyway, the idea is to have an area in a user's profile where they can create one or more "item(s)". That item could be a PC, a car, a mountain bike, whatever. Something with multiple components. Those components could be manually entered in by the user and/or selected from a list created by the forum admin.

The item would be viewable in their profile under their own unique tabs.

Example of what I made for vB: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39826
Check out the dropdown above each post, as well as my profile there for the system specs tab.

Here's the idea covering base / future release ideas:
1. User Account area to add/edit/delete "items". Creation screen would ask for the name of the item, and would be associated with the user's profile ID. Unique numeric ID independent of user / item name. (e.g. AWESOME COMPUTER). Checkboxes to allow the user to dictate whether it should be shown in their profile and/or in their posts or not.

2. Item edit area: - List of blank one line fields and/or multiple selection fields. Name for each field customizable by forum admin (e.g. Motherboard, CPU, etc).

3. Tabs in the profile with Item specs.

The vB mods I made use custom profile fields, but ultimately are limited by that, because if you want to have a 2nd tab, you need to custom tweak the mods and install them again with a different name. Ultimately the idea was to have a couple of custom tables on the back end, but I never got around to it.


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Think version 3.0 or something for these ideas:

Making it searchable wayyy down the line and make it able to find similar items from other users (e.g. search for all items with this part) and compare to other user's items would be awesome (think a mini version of 3DMark's system) and a top 10 may be something others would be interested in.

Ability to show pics of said item on the same page as the item.